Terms and Conditions


  • It is possible to arrive between 3pm and 5pm. Please inform us one day before your arrival for when we may expect you to arrive. 
  • Departure (normally / in the high season) is possible on saturdays until 10 am. Please make an appointment shortly before your depart, so that we can approve the condition of the rooms. 


The apartments are only rented for the number of people indicated by you in the booking process.

  • Crevette up to 4 people, plus small child in child's bed
  • Crevettje up to 2 people, plus small child in child's bed

All transgression to the above is not permitted.
The usage of third parties is prohibited.
Please report all changes to the renter as soon as they arise.
All damage caused (defect electrics or other damages) needs to be reported immediately to the renter.
Please ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the tenant and its family / friends.
Please leave the accommodation after your stay in the same tidy and decent condition that it were in at your arrival.
In case of noncompliance and / or damage, the renter may retain the deposit accordingly. For normal levels of soiling, the final cleaning is included. 



Domestic animals are only allowed, if a written permit from the renter is available. (upon request) 



In case of a premature termination of the stay, the rental fee remains in its completeness. The sum paid is non-refundable, with an expectation of the deposit fee (in case of no complaints).



The deposit is set to 300 EUR and is returned on the day of departure, if no complaint is necessary. 



The booking is valid as soon as 25 % of the total amount entered the accounts of the renter. The remaining sum is due upon arrival. 



All cancellations need to announced to the renter in advance. All sums paid will remain with the renter and are non-refundable in case of cancellation.